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 About Me
I L O V E fitness. I know I'm not alone in my area because it seems that there is a new facility opening all the time. This is great news for the industry! Yet, it's also a challenge. Trainers and instructors face growing pressure to compete with one another for clients and for bragging rights for the toughest class in town. Employers panic and threaten non-compete clauses or termination. Suddenly we have burnout, and the reason we do what we do gets lost. Then it occurred to me...someone needs to teach the teachers. Someone needs to teach fitness professionals to work collaboratively instead of just competitively. Someone needs to provide continuing education to keep fitness professionals certified, someone needs to motivate and support those who give all their energy supporting and motivating others. Someone needs to remind other of the purpose of the exercise, of how good movements feels, and that benefits of exercise should out weigh the risks.  Someone needs to rally the troops and keep fitness fun. Welcome to my page and to my website. My name is Elizabeth.
The importance of remaining a lifelong learner was instilled upon by my mom at an early age. Academics and dance class were both high priorities. Mom went to, and prepared me for, all 5,000 dance recitals, and always went over my homework with me. My dad taught me the grace of both set shots and jump shots ( I was a 100% free throw shooter in high school- I will share the importance of this story with you some time). He also insisted one could learn to keep the beat to the music simply by dribbling a basketball to it. So in essence, it completely makes sense that I want to teach group fitness classes and provide continuing education for fitness professionals.
Ok...I have to be honest...I do more than teach a class. To me, group exercise is about the workout, yes, but what differentiates one class from another is the EXPERIENCE.I believe fitness can be fun and that we should exercise with intention. Anyone can hold a stopwatch and tell you when to begin and end an exercise. Can you make your class feel like they are back in their own dance recital? Can you make the former athlete feel like one again? Can you make someone that never competed as an athlete realize they are about to train like one now? I encourage you to educate, encourage, engage, and yes, even entertain. Make people feel special, develop a sense of team within your class, give people the sense of feeling they are a part of something great. Do these things, then watch people in class soar as individuals, watch self confidence rise, watch people become friends. I have always said there is power in group. Not sure how? It would be my pleasure to show you.
I am thrilled to work for Balletone, nationally and internationally, and for BOSU as a National Master Trainer. I am able to offer trainings and continuing education for Balletone and BOSU, as well as my own intellectual property. I am happy to help you meet your fitness education and recertification needs. Check in often for updates on workshop offerings.
Everyone needs a little guidance ( good thing I have experience as a guidance counselor).I have been lucky to work with great guidance counselors- Kathy, Dina, Chuck, Mike, Shamis  & Ed- and to have the best fitness mentor one could ask for, Shannon Fable. Mentoring and fitness career counseling for aspiring and veteran fitness professionals is just a contact away. I can't wait to help!
 My M.Ed, in Educational Psychology, may have been what sparked my interest in wellness coaching. Coaching is NOT therapy. Time is spent getting you where you would like to go. The focus is on what IS working. It's based on Positive Psychology . The journey begins with an assessment. Next, we will work together to create your wellness vision and then create SMART to help you achieve your goals a week at a time. After the initial session, each session is only 30 minutes long. The accountability is worth it! My study and certification is with Wellcoaches. Go ahead and check out their website.Wellness coaching is available in person and via phone call.
As a former public school educator and counselor, I know how much these valued professionals need a little TLC, as well as someone else to do the teaching and/or counseling. No doubt, it is a challenge to find pertinent PDPs for certain areas of expertise. Professional development offerings for physical educators and counseling staff will soon be available including topics on fitness trends, formats, positive psychology and wellness coaching. I'm excited to bring topics I am so passionate about to both individuals and groups.
 Sometimes we all need a reminder of our accomplishments, a support system to reach new goals, and  to recognize that we ARE stronger than we think we are. My blog, "Purpose, Power & Poise" aims to inspire greatness and ignite your passion on your journey to be your best self. Of course you can pass along anything that hits home and might help tip the scales for anyone who may be considering change.
I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.
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