Extra fee Programs

The following are programs that run seasonally and may range from 4-8 weeks. These run as full sessions and are not drop-in classes.
Hot for the Holidays

No need to feel frantic or frazzled during the holiday season! Join us for a new group training program designed to give you all the tools, tips, workouts & TLC you need to get you looking and FEELING your best during this season. We will review supplemental workouts, tips for food prep and explain how online coaching will work. Team training will be 2-3 times per week based on the package you choose. This is where we make the magic happen as a team, training with a little holiday fun, mixing hard work, self-care and stress relief. Signature sessions will include: "TheGrinch Ride" (of course), "Holiday Hustle", "I'm Gonna Sleigh This" and "Build a Shelf for the Elf", to name a few.

The Bod Squad

This program requires pre-registration and is not an open class. HIIT(high intensity interval training), strength and athletic conditioning workouts focusing on physique. Each participant receives a supplemental workout to be done on their own during the session. Online coaching, nutritional support, connection, team building and guidance included!

NEW!!! Body ReBuilding

This eight week body sculpting program, designed especially for women, focuses on building strength, courage and confidence in the weight room- not to mention a physique you’re proud to sport in a sleeveless top or a dress that’s short. Orientation includes foam rolling, how to warm-up properly, getting familiar with equipment and exercise terminology, an introductions to training splits, and how to track progress. The team will begin learning the workouts together. As we get deeper in the session, expect more autonomy. No power lifting or Olympic lifting is involved, though we do recommend stepping out of your comfort zone with your weight selections. The session meets Wednesday night from 6:30-7:30PM and on Saturdays from 9-10AM.

Tabata Bootcamp

One cutting-edge HIIT exercise and the latest behavioral science, this is a revolution in small group training. This workout combines the latest techniques in HIIT research, metabolic profiling, exercise programming. It’s an eight-week system fostering exercise, proper nutrition, and behavioral change, complete with online coaching, team interaction, even extra workouts when you can’t make class***