Lift and Shift with the BOSU® Ballast® Ball

There’s a reason my clients grab a BOSU® Ballast® Ball instead of a standard stability ball. Let’s chat!

The ball is made out of a high quality, translucent material. I’m pretty sure my clients don’t pay much attention to that, but they just know it looks and feels good.

Next, there is actually a design on the ball. Really. There are six sides with raised rings that are easily and effectively used to help with precise body positioning and alignment. Users appreciate knowing exactly how they need to be positioned for safety and performance.

Finally, and probably most obviously, there’s something inside the BOSU® Ballast® Ball. It is 2.5 pounds of multi-dimensional load. You can see it. This load keeps the ball in place when you set it down. No more rolling across the floor every time you let go of it. No more praying for the ball to be there when you try to return to a seated position on it. Confidence increases when you know the ball stays in place. Try the Biased Spider Plank with Rollover. This exercise is tremendously challenging. The Ballast® Ball stays in place but doesn’t hijack the need to execute the exercise with balance and core stabilization.

Biased Spider Plank with Rollover

Wait for it…there is more…you can actually hear something! There is audible feedback when you lift, shift or shake the ball. THIS IS A SNEAK ATTACK!  This 2.5 pounds of proprietary material adds dynamic load. Dynamic load = resistance. Resistance = fitness gains. Try the Lift, Shift and Shake Drill to see what I mean.

Lift, Shift and Shake Drill

Now to the sneak attack! This 2.5 pounds of secret substance adds balance and stabilization demands when the load shifts as the ball is moved. Sometimes you have to work super hard so that the load does NOT shift. Try the Supine Leg Extension with Balance exercise and try to keep the ball still so the load does not move.

Supine Leg Extension

What about when you DO want the load to move? This is sneaky x 10. Muscular force requirements change based on the speed of movement. Try out the Diagonal Lunge Ball Slam. When the material in the ball doesn’t move much, core stabilization is needed. To progress, add intensity and force by deliberately moving the load and THEN slamming the ball to the floor. Give it a shot! Looks can be deceiving!

Diagonal Ball Slam

Here’s a dare (I mean bonus!) for those of you who crave HIIT training. Spice up your go-to jump squat. Add the BOSU® Ballast® Ball. First do it without a jump, lifting the ball overhead so the load shakes and then slamming the ball to the floor as you lower into a deep squat. This is fantastic for those who don’t care for jumping. If you do dig jumping…add the Ballast® Ball into the jump and aggressively shift and shake the load. Try a couple rounds of 20:10 timing. You’re welcome!

I’ve always loved stability ball training. You have to stay present in the workout and imbalances are quickly identified. Ball training is making a comeback. And the BOSU® Ballast® Ball is definitely the “top shelf” when it comes to stability ball training.

What’s inside that thing anyway? Your guess is as good as mine!